Why using biodegradable products is the way to go


There are so many days when we are hit by guilt thinking about all the waste we are sending into the environment. In an ideal world everyone would bring reusable plate and glasses every time they decide to dine out. However, it’s a fact that every day thousands of plastic plates and containers end up in waste because of the amount of food people consume on the go. When these are disposed into the environment, it only cause pollution because these are not biodegradable and keep circulating in the environment, particularly harming the wild life and polluting the land and water resources.

On the other hand using biodegradable coffee cups is the first step towards the right direction. These are products which are broken down naturally and don’t cause any pollution or create waste. In the recent years there has been a slow but steady movement towards using biodegradable products. More companies jump in on the bandwagon, here is a low down on why going green is best for us.

The following are a few reasons why using biodegradable coffee cups is the way to go.

  • Products like Styrofoam though touted as being relatively a better option than paper or plastic won’t decompose for at least twenty generations. That almost amounts to round 500 years. Plus there is also a chance of it being swallowed by animals when it is broken down into smaller pieces.
  • Though biodegradable cups might cost more but they can help reduce an individual’s carbon foot print and on the whole as well.
  • Paper cups are of the worst kind because these just don’t compost off and the cost of producing paper cups or plates is just a little less than biodegradable ones. So why not invest in a better future and go green. Using the right products means that you are doing your bit for the environment.
  • Manufacturing biodegradable products entails far less use of resources
  • When these products break down, they are distributed into elements which break into nontoxic products.
  • Plastic products require around twenty thousand barrels of petroleum to be used in a day. By using products which do not rely on non-renewable resources we can help lower the carbon footprint.

If you are considering buying biodegradable coffee cups for office use then make use of the following things.

  • When ordering products from a company make sure they use hundred percent biodegradable materials to create those coffee cups.
  • Make sure that you do proper research about the company and what products they are using.
  • Get to know about the company by checking out their website. Also check for any seals of approval by green organisations on their website. This would mean that the company indeed produces genuine products which can be relied upon.

So make sure that you do your bit for the environment by using paper coffee cups. Not only are those better at keeping your coffee insulated but are not bad for the environment as well.