BBQ is famous among party makers in the world, much more with the western and European people and Australia is one of those race that love BBQ.  Its just like a party is not a party, without BBQing.  Whether it is an indoor or outdoor party, the influence of BBQ partying has spread like a virus.

Since there are 2 ways of cooking BBQ, using both electric BBQ and built-in BBQ, this article will discuss more on the later.  What is a built-in BBQ?

Built in BBQ are usually bigger than electric BBQ.  It is most of the time fixed with furniture or fixture of an extension kitchen or even to the main kitchen. It is like permanently fixed in the kitchen.  It used LPG gas in cooking. In most homes of the rich people, they have built an extension kitchen or what they called out door kitchens, complete with features like wine bar, Built in BBQ grills and other kitchen features.  It is just like bringing the comfort of home in the outside activity, just like BBQ party.

These cooking equipment comes in various brands, sizes and various types.  Its all depending on your preference.  They are mostly available in all leading department store or appliance center in Australia.  Buying one BBQ grill needs little bit of thinking. If you are like other people who wanted to park their BBQ on the top of their deck, then you must have to dig deeper in your pockets.  Others are so practical and others are so emotional in deciding. Prices come from around $150 to $6,000, depending on the features along with it.  You have also to decide whether you want to used natural gas or propane gas.

Take this some basic tips in to consideration:

  1. The materials. To be able to move the BBQ from one area to another, be sure to choose one, made of lighter materials. If possible choose something that rust resistant.  It may be a bit expensive, but its worth.
  2. The Size. Please bear in mind before buying a BBQ the size you will need. Are you always cooking for a large crowd? Or are you just cooking for medium crowd. For always, Price comes along with size. If you cook always for large crowds, choose the big ones.  It usually has side warmers, to keep the other foods toasted, while cooking is still going on.
  3. The Burners. Put this in mind, the more independently controlled burners a BBQ has and the more variable its burners are, the more it heat output is produce.
  4. Assembly. Please note of its assembly.  Some BBQ is so hard to assemble and requires an special tool to do so.  Choose for a BBQ that is easy to assemble.

Now, it is in your hands, whether to spend more on your builtin BBQ or just a bit less. The most important is that you enjoy the party and there is no post party headache of thinking why you spend so much on BBQ.  The success of a party is not only because of the BBQ grill, but it’s because of the people and how they behave on it. Cheers!