Calculating Fuel Tax Credits Simplified


Calculating fuel tax credits can be simplified whether your claim is less or more than $10,000 per year. The fuel tax credit can be accurately calculated when records are kept accurately as well.

All fuel tax credits per year can be simplified by following tax guidelines stated in this article.

Fuel Tax Credits less than $10,000 per year


Fuel tax credit claims that are less than $10,000 a year should use the rate applicable at the end of every BAS or business activity statement period.

There’s no need to use two varied rates or split the purchases of fuel during the BAS period. All you need to do is to add the total fuel litres applicable to the period. Working out your claim is by using the current rate on the last BAS day.


Calculating your litres


Calculating the quantity of purchased fuel in a tax period is by adding the overall purchased fuel cost in the BAS period. The next step is to divide the total fuel cost to the average litre price for the BAS period.

The formula will look this way:

Litres = overall total of purchased fuel divided by average fuel price


A Simple way of Keeping Records


Fuel tax credits amounting to less than $10,000 per year needs these simplified ways of keeping records to substantiate the claim:

  • Fuel invoice or supplier statement displaying only the dollar amount
  • Contractor statement where the services payable is deducted from the fuel amount used for performing the services
  • The Point-of-sale docket is where either illegible quantity or fuel quantity is not itemised
  • Financial institution statements such as either be personal or business debit/credit accounts showing only the dollar amount


 All Claims Simplified


The fuel apportionment can be simplified no matter the amount claimed in every year’s fuel tax credits. The following methods apply:

Using heavy vehicles off public roads

Backhoes or harvesters are examples of heavy vehicles that do not travel on public roads. Calculating for fuel tax credit claims on these types of heavy vehicles no longer needs off and on-road travel apportion.

Instead, the rate for “all other business uses” is the basis for the fuel claim for these kinds of vehicles. The same rule applies even when sometimes you drive the vehicle using a public road.


Using fuel to power your auxiliary equipment

Using fuel to power auxiliary equipment such as an elevated work platform or a concrete mixing barrel of a heavy vehicle are apportioned a certain percentage to show the amount of fuel used to make them work.

Fuel percentage for vehicles using auxiliary equipment:

  • Long haul vehicles with sleeper cabins – 5%
  • Concrete truck – 30%
  • Vehicles using special auxiliary equipment – 5%
  • Refrigerated vehicles – 10%
  • Waste Management collection – 15%


Factors that can affect fuel usage


Factors that can affect fuel usage include:

  • The type of terrain travelled by the heavy vehicle
  • Auxiliary equipment between use interval compared to the travelling distance
  • Weather conditions during travel time
  • Auxiliary equipment’s design and age
  • Maintenance and servicing of the heavy vehicle or auxiliary equipment
  • Cargo area’s capacity and weight
  • Driving influence


Calculating fuel tax credits per year can be inaccurate or understated when it is not done properly. Not being able to take advantage of fuel tax credits means the loss of extra dollars for your business. You can get full fuel tax credits from Fleet Complete.


5 Important 4×4 Accessories for a Successful Adventure

While the list of accessories for your 4×4 seems endless, not all of them are necessary. For a successful off-road adventure, some specific accessories are essential than others. For instance, you should never miss a tow strap. What about a coffee machine or a full flask of coffee?

What defines a 4×4? Power and stability. These are four-wheel vehicles that are equipped with four-wheel drive. Their design makes it possible for them to tackle both off-road conditions and well-paved roads. The cars send power to all four wheels giving them extra grip, power, and stability.

Technology is advancing, and so are the accessories. You might be tempted to carry a lot of stuff, which might end up being unnecessary. Remember, the amount of 4×4 accessories you take will depend on the type of your vehicle and how easy it is to arrange them in your car. Of great importance is how safe they arrive at their destination.

Accessories play a significant role in the success of your outdoor adventure or the long journey you are taking. Below are the must-have accessories.


Recovery gear

Recovery gear is among the non-negotiable 4×4 accessories. Getting stuck in the muck is a common thing, but not being able to get out is devastating. Investing in a supreme-quality recovery strap is the only way to get your vehicle back on the firmer ground safely. It matters less whether you are pulling out a friend or your own car. What is relieving is getting out of a tight spot.


Spare wheels and tyres

Driving your 4WD on an off-road is adventurous. Bad things happen. A tyre might get a puncture or a burst. That’s when a spare tyre comes in handy. The spare tyre you carry must have the same specifications as the other tyres, lest you risk causing damage to your differential.


Tyre air compressor

A flat tyre is a great inconvenience. In fact, it can make you cut short your trip. A tyre air compressor eases up the pain. You will simply connect the tube of the air compressor on to the tip of the tyre and fill it up. Take care not to overinflate your tyre.


Tyre kit repair

This kit comes in when you have a puncture, and you’ve used up the spare tyre. You won’t want to stop your adventure only because of a tyre. A tyre repair kit has the necessary equipment for puncture repair as well as tyre management.


Lift kit

A lift kit is a crucial 4×4 accessory that helps you get higher ground clearance. Such a clearance allows you to ride safely on roads with uneven bumps and rocks. The other importance includes helping you achieve more control over your 4×4 vehicle. Besides, you’ll reduce the tendency to use the recovery kit.  For cars with larger tyres, a lift kit gives them an advantage of gaining higher traction, which makes it possible to manoeuvre on steeper grounds.

That said, you need to keep in mind the importance of the lift it as it will give you a safer ride.


You do not need a lot of 4×4 accessories for a successful trip. Having basic, which is determined by where you are going and what you are going to do. Any accessory you choose must provide more excellent reliability.



Why Hire a Mobile Auto Electrician

No matter how expensive your car is, no matter what the brand, like any machine a car can break down any time. Electrical issues are common troubles which one might encounter with their car. Even the slightest of these problems can result in major issues for the car. A mobile auto electrician can help resolve all such electrical issues within the car.

However, it is essential that you hire the right auto electrician. Hiring someone who is inexperienced to handle auto electrical issues could be problematic. It would result in your vehicle becoming damaged. What does a mobile auto electrician do?

  • Modern cars have an innovative electrical system which is pretty complex. Hiring a professional would ensure that the car is in safe hands.
  • They know all the intricate details of the system and would deal with the issue in the right and proper manner.
  • Electrical wiring require the proper knowledge and experience to be handled.


Things to keep in mind when hiring a mobile auto electrician

  • Before you hire a mobile auto electrician do make sure that they have the license to carry out their work. They should be certified as well. Any auto electrician who is genuine has an insurance. This is the best for your car as well. In case of a mishap you are assured that your car is in good hands and you don’t have to worry about technical issues.
  • Make sure you hire someone with enough experience. These are the people who would make sure your car is in perfect working order before handing it over to you.

  • The auto electrician that you hire should have the necessary skills and experience to handle all sort of electrical problems in a vehicle. Automatic vehicles depend upon a complex electrical system which can help power it on and off. Any glitch in the electrical circuit can cause a major problem. When an auto electrician is experienced they can easily access the system and get rid of glitches within the system.
  • Another ting which you should keep in mind is how much does the auto electrician charge for their services. While the amount charged usually depends upon the problem you vehicle has. It’s wise to get a quote from at least two or three auto electricians. While smaller problems are dealt with easily and don’t require too much cash. If you feel that you are being charged more, make sure to check the car out with other auto electrician as well. Go for a quote which you feel is feasible.
  • Last not the least do heck out the reviews which other clients have left for them. An experienced auto electrician provides good service and their clients are often satisfied with their services.
  • Also get to know whether they are mobile auto electrician and can be reached easily when any problem arises.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help in finding the right auto electrician.


Aluminium Ute Canopies

What are the Advantages of a Canopy for your UTE

A well kitted UTE with an aluminium canopy not only looks aesthetically pleasing but can have a hoard of other benefits as well. If you are considering a canopy for your UTE, make sure it’s made of aluminium . The following are a few benefits of canopies. These include:

Aluminium canopies can withstand the toughest conditions

The number one reason why smart UTE owners believe in investing in an aluminum canopy is its ability to withstand the toughest weather conditions. If you are an avid camper, chances are you take your UTE on all your camping expeditions. You may have stored your tool and camping gear in it as well. The best part is that everything you put at the back of the car stays safe and protected from the elements. So whether it rains or the sun shines down, you know everything stays safe.

Your stuff stays locked and secured

Custom built canopies have an added benefit of a completely secure lock system. So if you have any precious luggage or gear stored at the back, you know only you would have access to it. There is absolutely no fear of vandalism. It works well for people who deal in purchasing and selling expensive equipment. Often they have the fear of stuff being vandalised. However, it’s not so when you have customised aluminium canopy at the back of your ute.

An aluminium UTE canopy is customised according to your needs

Different customers require a specific set of accessories for their UTE’s. Some might prefer a completely secure and locked canopy, while others might like to equip those with sliding doors and windows for a better aesthetic appeal. No matter what you have in mind and whatever set of specifications you have. Some canopies are even equipped with a reversing camera, it works well if you can’t see the back of the UTE while reversing. There are many options. You just got to name what you have in mind and the canopy can be customised accordingly.

Lightweight aluminium canopies wont impact fuel usage

Another reason why smart UTE owners prefer the aluminium canopies is because of their sturdiness but also the fact that these are pretty lightweight. This means the less heavy your car is, the easier it would be to drive and less fuel is consumed. Plus the lightness of the vehicle ensures that it gives great mileage and provides a smooth and hassle free ride.

Most dealers would be willing to provide you with a guarantee for every UTE canopy you purchase from them. Any unlikely issues with your canopies can be dealt with in a timely manner. What’s more not only do these canopies serve a great many purposes which are useful but can add to the overall appeal of your car. The sleek and modern designs of the UTE canopies are a delight to behold.

For more information on the best UTE canopies, make sure you contact a specialised dealer. They build some of the best custom made canopies for UTE’s.