Benefits of Professional Boat Detailing Gold Coast

It can be a letdown for you when you come back to land after spending a great time out on the ocean off Gold Coast. It’s because of thinking about how your boat’s beautiful exterior is affected by the contamination of the sun’s UV rays and saltwater.

Exposing your vessel time and time again to the elements of sun and saltwater can devalue its worth. The smartest way to prevent this from happening is to have your boat undergo professional detailing, Gold Coast.


There are varied factors to maintain the tip-top shape of your boat. One of the best ways to make your boat look like new is regular professional boat detailing. Having your vessel regularly maintained by the pros provides the following benefits, to include:

  • Allows you to enjoy going out on the water often without feeling concerned about the adverse effects of sun and saltwater on your boat
  • Maintains the new look of your vessel
  • Keeps the value of your boat
  • Discovers small damages of the boat to prevent it from becoming serious problems
  • Allows you all the time to enjoy sailing on your boat


What Boat Detailing is all about


A new boat still needs regular detailing. The importance of detailing is often overlooked by boat owners. Most boat owners are not aware that boat detailing is the best way to make their boats look great all the time. While regular boat washing can be handled by a boat owner, more extensive work on the boat is the top benefit provided by professional boat detailing.

Rinsing and cleaning

The easiest part of boat detailing is rinsing and cleaning it after a day out on the ocean. The exterior of the boat needs to be washed free of salt and grime. This job could be done once a month using a pressure hose.

Deep cleaning

Stubborn stains are expected to happen to boats over time. The coating of the vessel can become damaged when normal detergent is used to remove stubborn stains. Section washing with soap is the way to prevent coat damage. This means that a section of the boat has to be thoroughly washed and rinsed before moving to another area. The coating of the boat can become damaged when soap is left to dry on its surface.


A rotary buffer or buffing by hand is done to remove grime from the boat’s surface. Buffing should be done only after the deep cleaning process.


Waxing is done to make the boat’s surface clean and shiny. Buffing usually removes some of the boat’s coating. Waxing the surface with loads of elbow grease replaces the coating. This step is the least enjoyable task for boat owners to do.

Interior cleaning

Cleaning the interior of the boat is as important as cleaning its exterior. Exposing the boat to the sea air can build up grime on the interior of the boat. Grime can cause the interior to look old and worn before it’s time.


Having a pro do the boat detailing provides more than just a cleaning service. Other things a pro can do are to inspect and check for heavy oxidation or the presence of small hairline cracks on the boat’s exterior. Spraytech Marine are experts in boat detailing. Learn more about the advantages of having your boat detailed by a pro when you contact them.


Boat Detailing Professionals

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