Boat Engine Degreasing & Bilge Cleaning

Watercraft motors and bilges are a regularly ignored range. They are for the most part from where smells begin, and due to being a clumsy and troublesome zone to clean, are left until there is an issue. On the off chance that you are offering your pontoon and these territories are unattractive, it can lead forthcoming buyers to accept disregard to motor administration and inside workings of the pipes. Squander from degreasing is likewise an issue, as it is not permitted to enter our conduits. We can reestablish the sparkle to these troublesome territories, and leave the region prepared for repainting if required. We have a vehicle uniquely prepared to clean and degrease motors and bilges, and concentrate the waste water which is reused and reused.

An Engine & Bilge Detail includes the following:

  • Degreasing & pressure cleaning of engines, bilge, walls etc
  • Removal of bilge water & oil
  • Rust stains removed
  • General cleaning, wiping & vacuuming to remove all traces of debris
  • Paint touch ups as necessary