Ever had trouble with your air conditioner? It is extremely important to maintain the temperature within your house. With the heat outside, everyone wants a stable and enjoyable environment at home.

Ever come home to a slow-cooling air conditioner? This has to be one of the worst feelings after a hard day’s work. Who would want to come home to a humid environment which increases your stress instead of releasing it? If you want to come home to a cool and refreshing sensation without having to call your electrician every time there’s an issue, here are a few DIY air conditioning repairs ipswich and maintenance you can keep in mind:

1. Breaker Maintenance

In order to make sure your air conditioner keeps cooling as you require, you need to make sure the breaker works fine. The breaker needs to be monitored to stay cool and sustainable when the air conditioner is working. The air conditioner will not turn on if the breaker is tripped off.

Breaker is used for the purpose of ensuring that the air conditioner does not take more electricity load than required. The breaker ensures that the energy flow is regulated and the appliance does not get affected by the load increase or decrease.

2. Checking Thermostat

It is important to ensure that the thermostat is working as per requirement. This thermostat regulates temperature control and energy efficiency. This can be a cause of increased electricity bills and inability to control temperature. Thermostat needs to be checked every second day to make sure it is running at a regulated requirement.

3. Changing Filter

Changing your filter on a regular basis is a good way of maintaining performance and life of your air conditioner. The air filter is literally a filter between dust and your air conditioner. It is important to sustain that filter. This ensures that the air conditioner stays clean and does not get affected by the dust particles in the air.

Changing your filter will ensure you are gaining maximum advantage of the air conditioner and increasing its lifespan.

4. Examining Ducts

The process through which an air conditioner works is actually quite complicated. Air has to pass through, compressed and cooled in a particular area. The ducts through which the air conditioner is obtaining its energy need to be examined and cleaned.

The AC ducts accumulate a lot of dust and debris because of the pollution in the air. That’s why, using a blower or vacuum for cleaning ducts can be pretty helpful.

AC repair duct checking

5. Cleaning Outdoor Condenser Unit

As mentioned in the above point, the mechanism of the conditioner is actually complicated as it needs to condense air and enable cooling inside a room. It is absolutely important to make sure that this unit is clean. The dirtier and dustier it is, the harder it is for the air conditioner to perform properly. Consequently, it will use up more energy and cause a spike in the electricity consumption and bills.

The outside unit can simply be cleaned using a vacuum or blower. It takes less than five minutes and you’re good to go!