The basic function of a sound attenuator is to reduce the noise created by the fans in heating and ventilation systems.  They are designed to absorb the noise and create a more peaceful and quiet environment. All HVAC systems tend to make a great deal of noise which can create noise pollution as well as hinder productivity during the day, after installing an attenuator, the noise is considerably reduced.

Most sound attenuators are usually fitted in the supply or exhaust ducts. The size of an attenuator depends on the kind of air conditioning system in use. These are available in 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 2 inch and 16 inch diameters. Attenuators are designed from a variety of materials.

Customised Sound Attenuators for Boating

Customized sound attenuators are all the rage these days. These are designed exactly according to the demand of the system. They could be circular or rectangular in design, however rectangular attenuators are given more preference.

There are certain things which you should keep in mind before purchasing a customized attenuator. These include the following

  • The design of the attenuator should be such that it supports as minimum pressure drop as possible.
  • The attenuators must guarantee an optimal performance. It should help reduce the noise to a considerable extent so that the working environment is as peaceful as possible.
  • The attenuator must be designed by a well reputed company.

When buying a sound attenuator you have got to keep certain things in mind like your budget and your actual requirement. If yours is a small se up with a few people working in the office, any sound attenuator would do. However for larger corporations which have huge HVAC systems, it’s necessary to select the right sound attenuator.

Things like the total width and circumference of the attenuator should also be kept in mind. The first step in doing so would be to completely analyze your system and then make a decision based on that analysis.

You need to ensure information about all the following

  • Determine the insertion loss ranging from a frequency of sixty three Hz to eight thousand Hz
  • The complete air flow in the system
  • The amount of pressure drop
  • The size of the duct and exhaust fans
  • The total length of the silencer which would be required for your specific system
  • Once you have all the above information, selecting the right sound attenuator is pretty eay. These dimensions and sizes help you find the perfect noise control solution for your HVAC systems.

Some other factors to consider when buying sound attenuators is to see whether they have a space saving design. Plus things like being environment friendly is also pretty important. The insulation should be present on the attenuators as ell to improve its productivity.  The attenuators must be designed as such that these are easy to install as well.

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