Liquid management is not an easy task in various industrial plants especially when the liquid is above 50 pounds and this is a real crisis for barrels and even drums. You may say that barrels are large and strong enough to hold huge amounts of fluids; however, when it comes to extracting such fluids from these barrels it is really difficult. The only solution to this great problem is using a drum pump.

What really is a drum pump? A drum pump is a type of instrument that you place on the upper opening that is usually used to transfer and empty the liquid in the drum or barrel. You don’t have to pivot the drum so as to remove that liquid. Basically, there are two types of drum pumps according to their materials, models and the tube lengths. The following information has been supplied by: Oil Drum Pump , Drum Pump & Oil Pump suppliers.

How really does a Drum Pump Work?

A drum pump is fitted on the upper opening of the barrel and its narrow pipe goes down into the liquid. The pump has a vertical shaft which works through direct current by the help a tiny motor which is attached to it. The motor functions when the switch is turned on.

When you have placed your pump properly, switch on the pumping mechanism which originates from the lower point of the pipe which works by sucking the content. Usually, a relatively small centrifugal pump rotor is located at the base of the pipe.

Usually, there are diverse types of fluids that mostly require processing, transportation, handling and even transferring. This should tell you that drum pump is not only used in industries that use water. Oils are heavier than water and therefore, it becomes very hard for them to be emptied. That’s why most industries that are using non-hydro based fluids opt for drum pump.

Some of the industries that use drum pumps include chemical plants, processing plants, manufacturing plants, food processing and also other cleaning jobs.

Types of Drum Pumps

Different types of drum pumps are determined by the way they are used, their types and of course their models. So how to select a drum pump? The two types of drum pumps include:

  1. Hand – operated drum pumps

As their name indicates, their functioning is usually enabled by a hand rather the motor. They are common in places where there is the unavailability of power. They are available in various subtypes like steel, aluminum, plastic, sulfide and also PVC. They also come up in different shapes and lengths which offer you with an easy, spark-free and leak-free pumping mechanism.

  1. Electric operated drum pumps

They usually pump by the use of electric power and mostly used in areas where there is transfer/emptying of high volumes of liquids in the barrels and tanks. They come in different models that use electricity and also batteries and they are built to handle various voltages.

It works best when it is working with thick and heavy liquids like crude oil and bitumen. They come in sizes, shapes and even lengths.

Now that you have known the types of the drum pump, what should you look up to when selecting a drum pump?

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Drum Pump

Some of them include:

  • The purpose or the use of the pump- this will enable you to buy the right motor, pump series etc.
  • Check the compatibility
  • Make sure the tube you are using is resistant to chemical reaction
  • Have an explosion proof in case your liquid is flammable
  • Make sure you purchase accessories of your drum pump.

In conclusion, drum pump is one of the practical way and option you can use to empty your barrel and also to fill it. And of course, you will enjoy its portability nature. Stop tipping that heavy barrel and acquire your drum pump today.